ESEL throws the gauntlet down to the baler industry

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Express Service Engineering has aligned itself with HelloBaler, a Chinese baler specialist that the engineering specialist says is going to give European manufacturers a run for their money.

Express Service Engineering (ESEL) is a family engineering company based in Bridgend, South Wales, that does what it says on the tin; it services machines and it offers clients a rapid response when machines break down or need servicing. 

According to Mike Heanue, ESEL’s sales manager, the company specialises in the sale, service and repair of new and used waste and scrap recycling equipment to some of the largest companies throughout the UK and all over the world. 

“We supply and provide service and spare parts for all makes of recycling equipment including conveyors, cardboard compactors, waste paper balers, paper and refuse shredders, balers, automated and manual sorting equipment and MRFs,” states Heanue. 

Started 40 years ago by Heanue’s father-in-law, Nigel Williams (“I married the boss’s daughter,” adds Heanue) ESEL began as one man and his bag of tools servicing “everyone’s requirements”. 

Now the company comprises 40 people who are mostly engineers. 

“The company has grown organically and become the second largest company in the service side of things,” says Heanue with obvious pride.  

Having said that, it was a team of ESEL engineers who decommissioned the largest scrap metal shears ever made; a 3,000 tonne pressing force manufactured in Germany for EMR, the metal recycling giant who is also ESEL’s largest client. “The shears were absolutely colossal,” recalls the sales manager. “The manufacturer said at the time it would be impossible to move the shear to the USA, but we did it.”

Working with the best

Heanue emphasises that when it comes to working with clients, it is the company’s aim to work with the best in the world. 

“We won’t support rubbish because we are only as good as our last job. Recently, we took a large shear from Hamburg and installed it in Texas. We are geared up for undertaking assignments like that and we’ve been doing it for 20-30 years.” 

semi-automatic-baler.pngThe company says it can respond within four to five hours to an emergency call in the UK although it takes a little longer when it’s an international client. 

“Our engineers think nothing of getting up at 4am, working a 12-hour day and doing the same thing all over again the next day,” states the sales manager 

So having established a reputation for technical expertise and reliability, what is the next step for the engineering specialists?

New partnership

“We have aligned ourselves with HelloBaler, a Chinese baler manufacturer who has been producing machines since 1986 and which include fully automatic channel and vertical balers. Our plan is to introduce them into the UK waste sector,” announces Heanue. 

“It’s a whole new market for us as the waste sector is different to the metals sector that we are used to, although in principal the machines are the same.” It is akin to the engineering specialist throwing a gauntlet down before the established UK baling sector. 

“We have chosen HelloBaler as the machines are built fantastically well and we are going to be able to offer a Chinese machine which is a helluva lot cheaper and yet it can do the same as a European equivalent.” Heanue stresses that this has not been a decision that ESEL has taken lightly. 

“We have to align ourselves very carefully. It has taken 19 months to find the correct company, and believe me we’ve vetted quite a few. Now we’re going to give the Europeans a run for their money. The

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