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A bale of a time

Steed Webzell compresses the pertinent facts concerning the latest baling machine installations at companies seeking greater impact, efficiency and environmental credentials – as well as additional revenue streams – from their cardboard recycling initiatives, taking in fashion retailers, an ...

Binning streak

From Keep Britain Tidy’s updated campaigns to tackle littering – a £1 billion problem in England alone – to fellow environmental charity Hubbub’s gamification and voting bins, the industry is striving to keep pace with behavioural and technological change, reports Geraldine Faulkner

Public Contracts Regulations: everything you need to know

The result of the EU referendum has thrown into question the future of the procurement regime in the UK. However, until the UK has actually withdrawn from the EU, the Public Contracts Regulations 2015 remain in force and the procurement rules are unchanged. Juli Lau explains the key aspects of ...

A fresh start?

The Environmental Services Association’s Jacob Hayler explains how the biggest issues cited in its new strategy paper – a fragmented supply chain hampering consistency and efficiency, and lack of innovation in fighting waste crime – can best be resolved. Maxine Perella reports

Driving down waste

Jaguar Land Rover’s sustainable aluminium strategies leader, Adrian Tautscher, tells Geraldine Faulkner about the automotive group’s part-government-funded REALCAR research project to reclaim scrap metal for use in new cars, making them more efficient and reducing their waste impact

Time to take measure

Amidst the chaos created by Brexit, food waste isn’t likely to be top of the new Defra secretary’s ‘to do’ list. But there are still targets to meet, warns David Burrows

Dress sense

It seems the used textiles industry currently faces more challenges and uncertainty than ever before – from doubts surrounding the fallout of Brexit to countries banning imports of used clothes. But, as Geraldine Faulkner discovers, there are some glimmers of light

Out of the shadows

Waste management companies, especially those with extended international supply chains and those depending on cheap workers, may be unwittingly using forced or trafficked labour. But thanks to a new law, ignorance is no longer a sound defence. By Maxine Perella

Metal manipulation

As aluminium becomes the lightweight material of choice for many, we look at one project that aims to secure supply, reduce production emissions and keep value in scrap. Justin Cunningham finds out more about the REALCAR project.

Brexit: a messy divorce or clean break for waste?

Following the EU referendum, and with concerns about local authority funding being withdrawn, along with circular economy ambitions, what are the implications for the UK’s waste and recycling sector? Matt Clay investigates

Deal or no deal

The Scrap Metal Dealers Act has had some success in reducing criminal trade, but lack of government will – and declining police budgets – are preventing it from eradicating illegal cash payments. Robert Fell, chief executive of the British Metals Recycling Association, explains

Optimus prime

An impressive Terex Finlay J-1170AS jaw crusher is among the machines turning demolition and construction waste into aggregate and hard core at J O’Doherty Haulage in north London. Geraldine Faulkner visits the site and meets the team

Harder, better, faster, stronger?

In a world of constant technological advancements, what is driving industrial shredder innovations? That’s the question RWW put to Chris Oldfield, chairman of UNTHA UK, who uses examples of the shredder specialist’s machines to demonstrate how the sector is meeting clients’ needs

Nappy valley

The development of a new nappy recycling site in west London promises to reopen the long-standing ‘disposable versus reusable’ debate. Dad-of-two David Burrows reports

University challenge

A new report identifies tackling food waste as a key sustainability challenge for universities but, as authors David Burrows and Nick Hughes explain, it also demonstrates the shared benefits to be gained through collaboration between waste contractors and their uni customers

Sustainability careers and salary survey 2016: the highlights

Prospects for the sustainability sector are perceived as strong, with a maturing of the industry and technical professionals dominating the jobs market. Miriam Heale at ALLEN & YORK summarises the highlights from their recent salary survey, published in partnership with Environment Analyst

Environmental insurance: ensuring our future in South Africa

We are all aware of the importance of insurance and most people have cover to replace material possessions once lost, but it seems no-one has considered an insurance plan for the environment, says Hermann Erdmann, CEO of REDISA (Recycling and Economic Development Initiative of South Africa)

The Hole Story

By the end of the decade there will be only 40-50 landfill sites in the UK, according to estimates – compared with 140 just four years ago, reducing the amount buried from 40 to a mere seven million tonnes. However, landfill will still have a role to play, finds David Burrows

Brexit: In, out, shake it all about

On June 23, the British public will vote on whether to remain a member of the European Union, or to leave it. What implications will either outcome have for the UK waste management and recycling industry? Matt Clay investigates

Breaking the glass ceiling

Glass is the perfect material for a circular economy because it can be permanently recycled without loss of quality. The only thing holding it back is inconsistent collection rates, writes Baudouin Ska, secretary general of FERVER, the European Federation of Glass Recyclers

Smash and grab in Essex

Webster Grab Hire, a small reclamation yard dealing mainly with demolition and construction waste from building sites, is very pleased with its MB BF90 crushing bucket supplied by Worsley Plant. Geraldine Faulkner visits the materials recycler to find out why

Well handled

From excavators to wheeled loaders, shredders and balers, manufacturers such as JCB, Liebherr-GB, CASE, Doosan Bobcat, UNTHA and Riverside Waste Machinery are meeting the ever-changing needs of waste material handlers. RWW catches up with them and their clients

Cool, calm and collected

Refuse collection vehicles are viewed widely as the workhorses of the waste management industry. Steed Webzell lifts the lid on the latest developments – from Euro VI-compliant machines, to smart weighing devices for ensuring accurate charging, to cyclist detection systems

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