Can e-commerce packaging be sustainable?

Milkmen (or women) collecting empty glass bottles outside the front door may seem like a thing of the past, but the idea of reuse certainly isn’t.

That’s why TerraCycle made headlines across the globe last month after announcing its new ...

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How Internet of Things technology can reduce food waste

Embracing technology as part of the drive to reduce food loss and waste is fundamental in keeping the food system within environmental limits and ensuring the global population can be sustainably fed by 2050, according to a recent study.

Energy from Waste predictions for 2019

From the Chancellor’s coffee cup levy proposal, to the implementation of deposit return schemes, 2018 was not only a key year for the war against single-use plastics, but also in re-evaluating the resource potential of waste.

There has ...

Was the Resources and Waste Strategy worth the wait?

Just before Christmas, Defra published England’s first new waste strategy for 11 years.

A lot has happened during that time – the industry is dealing with resources just as much as it is residual waste materials, and the notion of a ...

Building the future of metals recycling

While apprenticeships have their routes in the medieval craft guilds of the Middle Ages, it was the Statute of Artificers 1563 that introduced an official national apprenticeship system.

The Act of Parliament, which was a means of ...

How can the fashion industry become more sustainable?

Fashion can be glamorous, stylish and iconic. It can also be wasteful, damaging and exploitative.

As the conversation around fashion’s ‘dark side’ grows, the public is becoming more aware of the real cost of a £9.99 jumper. According to ...

Why Bristol is becoming a leading light in waste management

Awareness of global environmental issues and evaluation of our own environmental impact has been long embedded into the ethos of Bristol.

Long before the city was awarded the European Green Capital Award in 2015, our green roots had been ...

If not plastic, then what?

The world around us is filled with many different materials, including glass, metal, paper and plastic.

The rapid development of consumer markets has led to a strong and growing need for materials that possess advantageous properties, ...

How can we achieve more transparency in the WEEE sector?

As our reliance on technology becomes more prevalent, so too does our propensity to throw devices away without considering what happens to our once-beloved iPhone or DVD player.

In October, the first ever International E-Waste Day was ...

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