Are you guilty of the UK's e-waste secret?

It’s movie night at home. You throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and start it up, but nothing happens.

You press every button, turn it off and on, check the plug socket – it’s dead. Research conducted by online spare parts retailer ...

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How can Scotland crack its consistency issue?

Contamination in the recycling stream, or indeed the residual waste stream, is a perennial problem for those working at the sharp end of collection and processing.

It’s a tough nut to crack, regardless of policy interventions and public ...

On the scent of sustainability with post-consumer plastics

Luxus MD Peter Atterby talks to RWW about how the company is working to remove smells from post-consumer plastics so that growing environmental concerns are better addressed.

Now the Blue Planet wave has settled, what is the public’s ...

A new era for plastics recycling

Viridor’s owner, Pennon, recently published its full year results.

In the 58-page document is the following line: “The government’s Resources & Waste Strategy has confirmed the fundamentals of the waste market and provides a foundation ...

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