How waste companies can do more to combat food waste

In the UK there is a lot still to be done to tackle food waste and get more people on board – both at home and at work.

Legislation exists in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in a bid to reduce the amount of food that we are wasting ...

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Seeking clarity for flexible plastic packaging

RECOUP receives more questions about flexible plastic packaging than anything else.

Is it recyclable? Will my local authority collect it? Where does it end up? Why do so many questions persist about plastic film, and what can be done to ...

Compostables: rubbish or realistic?

Compostable packaging looks good in theory, but is it ending up in the wrong place, or worse: doing more harm than good?

In February, BBC Wales ran the following headline: “Plant-based compostable plastics going to landfill.” Only one of ...

The problem with plastic film recycling

As more of us aim to do our bit for the environment by recycling as much as we can, many people are still left confused about what can and can’t be recycled.

The recycling sector faces a constant problem with contamination by materials ...

Understanding consumer trends for WEEE

Last month, the WEEE Forum made a call for the next European Commission to make quality standards for WEEE treatment legally binding.

Despite the UK’s exit from the European Union, this could mean great things for its current dwindling ...

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