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How meta-mapping and AI can aid the circular economy

From AI in bins to ‘Uberisation’ and meta-mapping, the industrial and commercial waste management sector is awash with hi-tech data innovations.

The waste management and recycling sector as we know it emerged in the early 19th Century ...

On the road to CARS & MRE

As we approach the Complete Auto Recycling Show & Metals Recycling Event, we take a closer look at what’s in store for visitors ahead of the 2018 show. And, with a record number of exhibitors, visitors and speakers in attendance, CARS & MRE is ...

Time to expect more from your conveyor belts

Conveying waste is a demanding task even for the very toughest of belts because it contains a multitude of elements that damage and destroy rubber.

The oils, fats and greases, found in household waste have a particularly detrimental ...

How AI robots could revolutionise MRF operations

Recycling processes must improve, now more than ever.

Recovery and diversion goals are rising, and so are quality requirements. Processors face the challenge of recovering more recyclable commodities from waste while simultaneously ...

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