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Breeding new life into conveyors

Conveyor belts perform an enormously important function in the recycling and waste industry.

They are also a very significant overhead. Although reliability and durability are very important considerations, finding a belt that is ...

How meta-mapping and AI can aid the circular economy

From AI in bins to ‘Uberisation’ and meta-mapping, the industrial and commercial waste management sector is awash with hi-tech data innovations.

The waste management and recycling sector as we know it emerged in the early 19th Century ...

On the road to CARS & MRE

As we approach the Complete Auto Recycling Show & Metals Recycling Event, we take a closer look at what’s in store for visitors ahead of the 2018 show. And, with a record number of exhibitors, visitors and speakers in attendance, CARS & MRE is ...

Time to expect more from your conveyor belts

Conveying waste is a demanding task even for the very toughest of belts because it contains a multitude of elements that damage and destroy rubber.

The oils, fats and greases, found in household waste have a particularly detrimental ...

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