Plant and equipment

Optimus prime

An impressive Terex Finlay J-1170AS jaw crusher is among the machines turning demolition and construction waste into aggregate and hard core at J O’Doherty Haulage in north London. Geraldine Faulkner visits the site and meets the team

Harder, better, faster, stronger?

In a world of constant technological advancements, what is driving industrial shredder innovations? That’s the question RWW put to Chris Oldfield, chairman of UNTHA UK, who uses examples of the shredder specialist’s machines to demonstrate how the sector is meeting clients’ needs

Smash and grab in Essex

Webster Grab Hire, a small reclamation yard dealing mainly with demolition and construction waste from building sites, is very pleased with its MB BF90 crushing bucket supplied by Worsley Plant. Geraldine Faulkner visits the materials recycler to find out why

Well handled

From excavators to wheeled loaders, shredders and balers, manufacturers such as JCB, Liebherr-GB, CASE, Doosan Bobcat, UNTHA and Riverside Waste Machinery are meeting the ever-changing needs of waste material handlers. RWW catches up with them and their clients

Cool, calm and collected

Refuse collection vehicles are viewed widely as the workhorses of the waste management industry. Steed Webzell lifts the lid on the latest developments – from Euro VI-compliant machines, to smart weighing devices for ensuring accurate charging, to cyclist detection systems

Is vehicle rental in waste a short-term proposition?

Jonathan Pearce, head of marketing at Northgate Vehicle Hire, considers why waste management companies are increasingly turning to long-term vehicle rental as a cost-effective and flexible solution to keeping their teams on the road.

A look back at Kefalonia's RCVs in the early 2000s

In the Ionian Sea is the island of Kefalonia. A popular tourist destination and the largest of the three Ionian islands, It is very popular with English tourists from May to September because of its warm temperatures which reach 40 degrees in July and August, writes Tim Byrne

Bunting metal separation module cleans recycled plastic for Recapture Plastics

Bunting Magnetics Europe has manufactured and supplied a complete metal separation module and metal separator to recapture plastics to cleanse recycled plastic of metal. The metal separation module consists of a large vibratory feeder that delivers material onto a strong magnetic drum before passing over an eddy current separator.

Understanding skip hire: Sizes, limitations, alternatives, permits and tips

Skip hire can be an affordable and convenient waste removal solution in many circumstances, with numerous sizes and configurations available. However, there are numerous limitations and restrictions associated with skips, and some jobs are better suited to alternative waste disposal services, writes Chris Kervin at Skip Hire Services.

From horseshoes to full automation

Trevor Smart, international sales manager for Stadler, looks at current industry trends?, the company’s development and its staff focus.

Cross Wrap gives McGrath a perfect Finnish

At the heart of McGrath Group’s refuse-derived and solid recovered fuel production is Cross Wrap’s CW 2200 waste bale wrapper. Geraldine Faulkner reports from the specialist waste management company’s sites in London and Essex which both use the kit

A cut above

Steed Webzell reviews some of the recent and most eye-catching market entrants in the world of mobile shredding technology, discovering a multitude of useful innovations for waste management professionals from companies spanning UNTHA, Terex, Hammel, Doppstadt, Bomatic and AXO

Off the scale

The once rather bland world of vehicle weighing has become more interesting of late, spurred by legislative pressure and industry realities, with modern weighbridges being sophisticated driver-operated systems that do much more than their name might suggest. RWW reports

Gripping stuff

The ZRR, from Finland’s ZenRobotics, is a rather clever and highly efficient piece of waste-sorting machinery – and is very unlikely to say “Hasta la vista, baby” in a menacing Austrian accent. Geraldine Faulkner reports from the company’s Helsinki base

Let's talk telehandlers

Chris Cox, JCB’s general manager for the waste and recycling sector, looks at why telescopic handlers (telehandlers) are popular machines for tough recycling environments, and what to consider when investing in one.

Rise of the robots

After a long period promise, will 2016 finally be the recycling industry's 'year of the robot'? Steed Webzell examines the latest technological advances and speaks to some of the companies in the vanguard of this waste management wizardry

Caterpillar puts Powerday on the right track

Powerday's 24-hour site on London's Grand Union Canal gives it access to not only road and rail, but waterways too. The heart of its fleet though, here and elsewhere, is a range of Caterpillar machines. Geraldine Faulkner reports

ASCAN GEASER chooses Geesinknorba RCVs

ASCAN GEASER, an environmental services company based in Cantabria and specialists in providing services for municipalities, have purchased a fleet of 34 new waste collection vehicles from Geesinknorba Spain. Tim Byrne, waste collection specialist in Mediterranean countries, reports

On the bale trail

With efficiency an ever-increasing priority, and helpful innovations in baler equipment frequent, Steed Webzell talks to a selection of leading players in the balers market, seeking out the latest technology trends and asking how users can achieve significant savings

Postcards from JCB

With growing recognition around the world that landfill is no longer the answer to dealing with unwanted material, the waste and recycling experts at JCB report an increasing demand for its specialist waste and recycling machines from all corners of the globe. Fred Bell, JCB’s business manager for the waste and recycling industries, takes us on a whistle-stop tour to just three of the locations where JCB Wastemasters can now be found in action.

Thessaloniki prefecture opts for Toumbas RCVs

Toumbas Special Vehicles Superstructures, one of the main suppliers of waste collection vehicles in Greece and Eastern Europe, has supplied eight of its DT16 series 16m3 rear loading waste collection vehicles to the municipality of Ampelokipon Menemenis in Thessaloniki Prefecture, writes Timothy Byrne, waste collection specialist in mediterranean countries

Breathing extra life into RCVs

Spencer Law, the managing director of Refuse Vehicle Solutions, gives his views on the changes needed to improve the sustainability of refuse collection vehicles, and explains how he is applying the principles of the circular economy to his own business

Shredding with safety in mind

With so much wealth in waste, commercially driven shredding is commonplace. This largely supports the nation’s resource agenda, but to what extent do bottom-line and environmental motivators overshadow considerations for safety? Chris Oldfield, managing director of UNTHA UK, considers three safety themes set to loom large in 2016

Ear to the ground

Noise-induced hearing loss is one of the most common industrial hazards globally – a million people are exposed to potentially harmful noise at work in the UK alone. And the problem is prevalent in the recycling and waste management industry, writes Lee Nicholson, MD at noise control specialist Wakefield Acoustics