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Don't burn out from work-related stress

Work-related stress has become one of the top reasons for absenteeism across various industries. Eventually mounting pressures in high-risk industries take their toll, and workers just can’t face their jobs.

In 2018, the Health & Safety ...

Don't turn a blind eye to modern slavery

As a country we are becoming more mindful of the need to recycle our waste.

But are we as informed as we could be in thinking about the people who actually work in the recycling and waste disposal centres? Are we aware that some of the ...

How meta-mapping and AI can aid the circular economy

From AI in bins to ‘Uberisation’ and meta-mapping, the industrial and commercial waste management sector is awash with hi-tech data innovations.

The waste management and recycling sector as we know it emerged in the early 19th Century ...

What's in store for this year's IFAT

Anyone who’s anyone in the industry knows the benefits of visiting the IFAT exhibition.

It’s impossible not to, given that the show is one of the largest trade fares for environmental technology. It provides a platform for groundbreaking ...

Life on the Kani Qirzhala landfill site in Iraq

Desperation has ensured there is a recycled plastics industry in Iraqi Kurdistan.

Everywhere as far as the eye can see, piles of rubbish stretch away into the distance. Noxious fumes rise from heaps of household waste and spew from the ...

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