Renewable energy

Why waste data should be open to everyone

There’s a lot of talk about data these days and it has often been lauded as ‘the new oil’. This is mostly because of the enormous potential value of data.

There are obviously a number of ways that data and oil are not at all alike, but ...

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Using waste plastic to build refugee shelters

In 2010 a magnitude seven earthquake hit Haiti, destroying buildings, infrastructure and displacing families.

The pictures relayed back to the UK illustrated the plight of the local people, and also showed large amounts of waste plastic ...

The global Energy from Waste landscape is changing

It would be foolish to claim that there is a sole overarching trend when it comes to the global Energy from Waste (EfW) landscape.

There are often so many variances within a single country that it’s difficult to sum up one nation’s EfW ...

Reducing waste using electronic tagging

Over the past few months, we have seen a number of retailers and brands such as Malibu running (Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled smart packaging campaigns to boost consumer engagement.

NFC means two electronic devices can be ...

Energy from Waste Conference roundup: fuelling the future

The world seems to be changing at lightning speed.

With AI growing ever more sophisticated, cashless transactions and data harvesting, tech is helping us live lives unimaginable just 20 years ago. It was fitting therefore that the ...

How Internet of Things technology can reduce food waste

Embracing technology as part of the drive to reduce food loss and waste is fundamental in keeping the food system within environmental limits and ensuring the global population can be sustainably fed by 2050, according to a recent study.

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