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The equity dilemma for small and medium-size businesses

Increasing volumes of waste and increasing capacity to recycle it should provide huge opportunities for the many small and medium-sized businesses in the sector.

But too often, despite the opportunities this situation presents, many ...

How waste companies can do more to combat food waste

In the UK there is a lot still to be done to tackle food waste and get more people on board – both at home and at work.

Legislation exists in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in a bid to reduce the amount of food that we are wasting ...

The global Energy from Waste landscape is changing

It would be foolish to claim that there is a sole overarching trend when it comes to the global Energy from Waste (EfW) landscape.

There are often so many variances within a single country that it’s difficult to sum up one nation’s EfW ...

Inspired by protests

In less than a year, the socio-political movement Extinction Rebellion has gone from 15 people in a room to creating the biggest organised civil disobedience campaign in British history.

It has been on the front page of several national ...

Seeking clarity for flexible plastic packaging

RECOUP receives more questions about flexible plastic packaging than anything else.

Is it recyclable? Will my local authority collect it? Where does it end up? Why do so many questions persist about plastic film, and what can be done to ...

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