Resource efficiency

Reuse is the right medicine for the NHS

Cuts to NHS funding have been headline news for some time and, when frontline care is in the balance, making savings wherever possible takes priority.

The challenge is tough ­– the NHS has been charged with reducing spending by £22 ...

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Are you guilty of the UK's e-waste secret?

It’s movie night at home. You throw a bag of popcorn in the microwave and start it up, but nothing happens.

You press every button, turn it off and on, check the plug socket – it’s dead. Research conducted by online spare parts retailer ...

RWM 2019 review: A little less conversation

Anyone who has been in the waste industry for long enough will know the evolving nature of the RWM exhibition.

What used to be a major event in Torquay has now become a somewhat stripped-back fixture in Birmingham NEC’s September ...

How can Scotland crack its consistency issue?

Contamination in the recycling stream, or indeed the residual waste stream, is a perennial problem for those working at the sharp end of collection and processing.

It’s a tough nut to crack, regardless of policy interventions and public ...

The local impact of Energy from Waste

Recovering energy from waste is increasingly important in the absence of other deliverable alternatives to landfill - as well, of course, as encouraging recycling and reducing waste production in the first place.

The desirability of more ...

Finding new recycled resources in the North Sea

The potential decommissioning market for removal of around 95 platforms and their infrastructure is valued at nearly £17bn over the next 10 years and it could mirror the original North Sea boom for the UK economy.

By managing the complex ...

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