Resource efficiency

Challenges of the circular economy

Maxine Perella reports from Circular Economy Hotspot Scotland, where speakers – including from the UN and the Ellen MacArthur Foundation – discussed the circularity challenge.

“Four years ago when we started this journey, it was the ...

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How can the fashion industry become more sustainable?

Fashion can be glamorous, stylish and iconic. It can also be wasteful, damaging and exploitative.

As the conversation around fashion’s ‘dark side’ grows, the public is becoming more aware of the real cost of a £9.99 jumper. According to ...

Why Bristol is becoming a leading light in waste management

Awareness of global environmental issues and evaluation of our own environmental impact has been long embedded into the ethos of Bristol.

Long before the city was awarded the European Green Capital Award in 2015, our green roots had been ...

Digging out valuable material by landfill mining

Statistics on recycling and landfill use vary wildly from one country to the next.

In Europe, the amount of recyclable waste going to municipal landfill has steadily decreased as the member states strive to meet the EU’s target of 50% ...

Do Energy from Waste plants really discourage recycling?

One of the most common arguments against Energy from Waste (EfW) plants is that they discourage recycling.

It is often assumed that the burning of waste will lead the public to forgo their eco-friendly habits entirely, especially if EfW ...

If not plastic, then what?

The world around us is filled with many different materials, including glass, metal, paper and plastic.

The rapid development of consumer markets has led to a strong and growing need for materials that possess advantageous properties, ...

How can we achieve more transparency in the WEEE sector?

As our reliance on technology becomes more prevalent, so too does our propensity to throw devices away without considering what happens to our once-beloved iPhone or DVD player.

In October, the first ever International E-Waste Day was ...

Don't burn out from work-related stress

Work-related stress has become one of the top reasons for absenteeism across various industries. Eventually mounting pressures in high-risk industries take their toll, and workers just can’t face their jobs.

In 2018, the Health & Safety ...

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