Environmental Audit Committee seeks evidence on China import ban

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The Chinese ban on the import of some plastics and paper came into force on 1 January.
This problem will not go away and the Government saying they will sort the plastic problem by 2042 ...

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The Environmental Audit Committee is seeking written evidence to inform on the impact of the Chinese ban in imported plastic and paper waste.

Its one-off evidence session will look in to how serious the impact of the ban will be, whether the UK is prepared and potential environmental implications.

Mary Creagh, Environmental Audit Committee chair, said: “The UK has been relying on China to recycle its excess of waste for years, but that market is now drying up.

“We will examine the environmental impact of the ban, whether the government has made adequate preparations and what the government can do to ensure the UK’s waste is managed sustainability.”

Submissions should focus on:

How much waste within the banned categories does the UK currently export abroad, and what proportion is sent to China?

What short term and long term issues will the Chinese ban create for waste management and recycling in the UK?

What are the environmental implications of the Chinese ban?

What preparations has the UK Government made ahead of the Chinese ban and are these preparations sufficient to deal with the degree of change the ban will cause?

Have there been preparations to export waste elsewhere? What degree of control does the UK have over how waste is handled once it has been exported?

Deadline for submissions of Friday 19th January at 12pm.

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This problem will not go away and the Government saying they will sort the plastic problem by 2042 is a complete joke, as by then we will be up to our waste in scrap plastics . We need to react now to the problem, and ban the import of plastic goods that are non-recyclable and put a levy on other products that use materials that cannot be recycled . If the Chinese can change direction so quickly why can't we ?

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