London council installs CCTV surveillance in sewers

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Blocked gullies are a problem across London

Westminster City Council has installed CCTV surveillance in its sewage pipes in order to make vital repair work.

Cleaning teams have used the footage to identify problems with the pipes, which would have otherwise been discovered by intrusive street digging.

If a pipe is damaged, the team pump in a liner, followed by a resin, which solidifies and creates a new lining which will last for up to 25 years.

Footage from the cameras is also helping the council create a comprehensive inventory of the borough’s 16,500 gullies, with the possibility of the discovery of new pipes.

Around 95% of a gully’s content is recycled at a nearby drainage treatment site ran by FM Conway.

Gold jewellery, knives, number plates and dozens mobile phones are just some of the objects pulled out of gullies in Westminster.

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