An industry-changer for mattress recycling

Mattress mountains are becoming a familiar sight on the UK’s landscape, with around 167,000 tonnes being sent to landfill each year, according to WRAP.

Of an estimated 5.9 million end of life (EoL) mattresses disposed of in 2014, just ...

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Using a bin-lock device to protect rough sleepers

Innovation has come to represent something of a buzzword.

Read about any company and I am confident that it will be talking about innovation or innovating. And this is no bad thing, of course. In order to succeed – or in some cases, ...

Waste is surprisingly relaxed about the UK-EU stalemate

The continuous back and forth between the UK Government and its EU counterparts on the matter of Brexit has left the two sides in a seemingly unbreakable impasse, but many in the waste industry don’t seem too bothered by the implications. Should ...

The knock-effects of China's import ban

China’s waste import ban is understandable in terms of its attempt to clean up its materials-handling industries, but what will be the effects on the country, its neighbours and those that are doing the exporting?

Plans by the Chinese ...

Sexism has no place in the waste industry

Seeing the recent interview at the French Open where a male tennis player tried to repeatedly kiss a female reporter, his male colleague failed to stop it and where the studio presenters laughed it off made me think about our own sector.

Policy vacuum frustrates as industry seeks guidance

As if the uncertainty caused by Brexit wasn’t enough, the UK’s waste management industry still has no clear national policy guidance from Defra, leaving big question marks hanging over issues from RDF exports to the future of landfill.

Biffa's campaign to make pavements safe: one year on

It's a year since Biffa launched a campaign to tackle the risks caused by drivers mounting pavements to get around bin lorries. Biffa regional safety and health coach Dave West looks at the impact it has had and discusses future plans.

What we can learn from Wales’ food waste plan

Philip Simpson, commercial director at food waste management service ReFood, reflects on the Welsh government’s ambitious plan to halve food waste by 2025, and calls for England to follow suit.

In August, the Welsh government announced a ...

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