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The best it yet to come for anaerobic digestion

For once, food waste is a hot topic. Wonky veg is on the menu and retailers are pledging to reduce food waste all the way from farm to fork.

This is great news for climate change – after all, food waste is responsible for 8% of the ...

Ministers must not let our recycling efforts be wasted

Despite Parliament being in recess and government slowing down over the summer, the war on waste has not slowed down.

We have seen the public, local government and a government watchdog all arrive at a shared conclusion that government ...

The clock is ticking for a post-Brexit environmental policy

While our politicians were enjoying their summer recess, the rest of us were left scratching our heads on the question of the government’s environmental policy post-Brexit thanks to mixed and oblique messages.

From 24 July to 4 September, ...

Environmental issues need passion

It's back to school for our politicians in what will no doubt be a turbulent time given the UK is set to leave the EU in just six months’ time.

As talks of deals and no deals rattle on, falling on the tired ears of the public no doubt, ...

We need a research and innovation fund for bulky waste

In June, the government announced plans for a £20 million fund aimed at developing a more sustainable end of life process for plastics.

The Plastics Research and Innovation Fund will focus on reducing the environmental impact of plastics ...

How global cities can tackle their food waste

According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization, 1.6 billion tonnes of food is lost and wasted globally every year, inflicting severe environmental and socio-economic damages.

Poor management of food waste causes the ...

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