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Plastic recycling: A trader's perspective

Recycled plastic, by virtue of its non-standardised nature, is usually difficult to buy and sell internationally due to the many uncertainties surrounding any given consignment, reports John Hartley of Ecosky UK.

We must not allow Defra to be distracted by Brexit

Defra’s recent ‘WACky’ decision to continue to allow some hazardous waste to go to landfill may be a harbinger of post-Brexit reality and raises questions about the government’s commitment to the wider waste hierarchy, which means the industry needs to stay alert and keep campaigning, writes ...

Why Wales is leading the way on sustainability

Lesley Griffiths, the Welsh government’s cabinet secretary for environment and rural affairs, sets out the country’s waste management achievements so far and explains how it intends to make the sustainable use of resources a real priority, whether that be through better product design or a zero ...

Bringing your services in-house. Is it too good to be true?

Each month, Dr Adam Read, practice director for resource efficiency & waste management at Ricardo Energy & Environment discusses the big issues from his point of view, and this month reflects on the momentum which is still building behind the in-sourcing debate, something he first discussed on this ...

Has Defra acquired a new sense of purpose?

When Brexit finally happens, Defra, like its other departmental counterparts, will be busy deciding which EU laws to keep on the British statute books and which to either alter or scrap completely, which provides both opportunity for effective reform, and uncertainty for the waste management ...

The outlook for energy from waste in the UK

Chris Holmes, head of waste and bioenergy at UK Green Investment Bank, examines what 2017 holds for the EfW industry amid the likely end of local authority-backed projects, the demise of subsidies and increasing competitiveness of contracts for difference, finding the answer may lie in the C&I ...

Small businesses can play a key part in carbon reduction

As a new report from the Federation of Small Businesses claims that one in 10 of all small businesses in the UK now produce their own electricity, Johan Ostlund, director at CooperOstlund, calls for the greater uptake and support of combined heat and power (CHP) technology.

Food waste is a battle we can win by working together

“Where there is unity there is always victory,” wrote Publilius Syrus around 46BC. So this week when we see that progress in reducing UK household food waste has stalled, it doesn’t mean we are losing. It means we need to unite in the fight against food waste, says Marcus Gover, chief executive of ...

Can AD survive in a world without subsidies?

The government must pledge its policy and fiscal support for research and development, including the commercialisation of R&D beyond education establishments, in order to secure the future of the UK’s anaerobic digestion industry and to encourage the country’s circular bio-economy post-Brexit, ...

Brexit plus Trump means double trouble for waste

Just as the unpredictable state of the UK's future waste policy was exacerbated by a High Court ruling that the government must consult MPs on Brexit, and ministers' continued opaqueness on the subject of regulation, everything was made even more uncertain by Donald Trump’s shock US election win.

Make it easier to reuse and everyone will do it

Reuse would be more common if it was simpler to donate reusable items, and networks were developed specifically for managing certain waste items and recovering them in a way that retained their value, writes Dr Christine Cole from the Centre for Industrial Energy, Materials and Products at ...

Gasification and municipal solid waste

Dr Stephen Wise, associate director, Environment & Infrastructure Europe, Amec Foster Wheeler, takes a look at gasification as a technology for treating municipal solid waste and the challenges this entails.

Is 'storing' waste plastics better than burning?

As global temperatures head for potentially catastrophic levels, landfilling rather than burning waste plastics might be better for the environment, suggests Keith Freegard, director of Axion Polymers.

Organics recycling in 2017: What does the future hold?

Biodegradable resources are a significant stream within the Circular Economy (CE) and make up to 45% of the total waste stream prior to segregation. It is for this reason that much has been done in recent years to remove this from the residual waste stream with separate collection of garden and ...

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