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Let's look after ourselves

Wellness is a buzzword which often gets thrown about. From corporate tweets trying to develop a friendly face to teabags and massages, the phrase has now incorporated a new phase of ‘selfcare’ both in and out of the workplace.

The rules of commuting are changing for the better

I started in the waste and resource sector in the 1990s and since then it has evolved significantly, driven by changes in regulatory and policy requirements, the introduction of new technology and swings in the global geo political landscape.

Surplus food must be a regulated resource

In the government’s Resources and Waste Strategy, the unnecessary disposal of food is a priority target in the aim to preserve natural materials, by reusing those already in the food chain.

Brexit isn't all bad, for waste policy at least

News that Brexit will deliver “putrefying stockpiles” of rubbish (rather than piles of extra cash for the NHS) will have had the Daily Mail readers of Tunbridge Wells choking on their Tunnock’s wafers and tea in typical “outrage”.

Regulation lags behind ambition for chemical recyclers

As the mounting scale of pollution from plastic waste reaches ever alarming proportions, chemical recycling processes, turning non-recyclable plastic into reusable fuel, oil and back into plastic, represent a landmark breakthrough in the battle to save the planet’s environment.

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