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War on plastic or a war on waste?

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Anita Rani’s War on Plastic might be critiqued for presenting a somewhat one-sided view of plastic waste in the UK and the solutions around it.

Looking to the future

I was hoping the only form of turbulence, if any, I’d experience this summer would be caused by a plane taking me to a hot, sunny country.

Four simple ways to improve the PRN system

Hidden towards the end of Defra’s recent consultation on the reforming of the UK packaging producer system were some very interesting questions that relate equally to the current legislation and the future system, whatever it may be.

The sustainability balance for supermarkets

The negative impacts of climate change are widespread, with David Attenborough calling it a ‘catastrophe’, Swedish schoolgirl climate activist Greta Thunberg labelling it an ‘existential crisis’ and calls for rapid action across all industries.

Collaboration takes the fight to waste criminals

As the independent Noel Report outlined in November 2018, the involvement of organised crime in the waste sector is an increasing problem and many stakeholders agree on the need for a more strategic and collaborative approach in tackling it.

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