Kadant PAAL baler helps Paprec Group squeeze more out of waste

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In February of 2017 SMED (Mixed Waste Disposal Unit of the Middle Pays des Alpes Maritimes) and the Paprec Group launched a waste sorting facility in Cannes, France, home of the famous film festival

According to Benjamin Tizon, agency director, PaprecTrivalo, Cote D’Azur: “Over two kilometres of conveyors were designed to meet precise specifications of incoming local recovered materials. We are the only plant in France able to extract opaque polyethylene terephthalate (PET).”

With a capacity of 36,000 metric tons, the facility in Cannes is reported to be capable of treating sorted wastefrom about one million inhabitants of the Alpes Maritimes region.

“We separate more paper and plastic packaging at lower cost than anyone in France,” said Jean- Marc Délia, president of SMED.

Ludovic Aberbour, COO at PaprecTrivalo, added: “An important end point to our process is the Kadant PAAL baler, which compresses to extreme density. The PAAL Konti baler handles a wide range of materials, including difficult plastics.”

Their channel baler from Kadant PAAL, a producer of horizontal balers, is reported to compress plastic bales so densely that an extra seven tons or nearly one-third more material, can be loaded on each truck.

Aberbour pointed out that PaprecTrivalo can now stack well-formed, dense bales up to three high, which was never possible before. “Transport costs are dramatically lower, because an additional seven tons of recovered materials can be loaded into each container truck. Customers appreciate our efficiency and ability to lower overall costs.”

Boasting 15 factories in France, Paprec collects waste materials from more than eight million inhabitants. "We are France’s first independent recycling business with102 sites and more than 5.5 million metric tons of waste treated and recycled," continued Aberbour.

Tight fit

Tin addition to the channel baler from Kadant PAAL, the Paprec system comprises nine optical sorters, three ballistic screens, a trommel, two Foucault currents as well as over 2km of conveyors.

According to Oliver Kerr, lead engineer with Kadant PAAL: “We have worked closely with the Paprec team to define their recipes. Depending on the mix of cardboard, paper, and PET for example, pre-setting is done automatically. In each case the PAAL Konti baler compresses and ties off the bales. Compressing is universal, but you must treat different materials differently to get the best quality bales. With plastics you compress and hold, hold, hold, so that memory is squeezed out. It takes a powerful compression capability to do this consistently and keep running smoothly.

“The PAAL Konti baler is preferred by many because of its ability to process a broad range of materials. When a facility runs continuously, and transportation costs are an issue, our solution is ideal," added Kerr.

Less energy consumption

The PAAL Konti baler is equipped exclusively with axial piston pumps.

"The power-regulated control of these pumps leads to higher throughput," continued the lead engineer. "Significantly lower drive power is required at the same throughput, for example the new 55kW axial piston pumps generates the same throughput as the old 75kW pumps. The tried and tested cutting system was further developed to provide even more efficiency. The optimised blade shape and the adaptation of the clearance space above the fixed knife results in a significantly reduced cutting force, thus less energy consumption."

Safety and maintenance gains

According to Craig Heley, MD of Kadant PAAL’s UK operation: "In addition to the highly accessibility of the press chamber by the two very large doors, the access to the tying unit has been improved. This was achieved by the addition of a three-sided platform with a ladder at the tying unit of the large-format baler making it easier to insert the binding wire and ensuring easy access to all components for service and maintenance in the now completely open tying unit."

For more information on Kadant PAAL balers, email info@kadant.com

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